The work of Jeppe Bøje Nielsen (f.1974) focuses on the individuals relation to power, death, fear and hope. He's freelance and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, with his two children.

"I work mainly with stories that enable me to approach the depths of human feelings, that are outside of what I would consider the spectrum of normality. Feelings that defy the notion of 'daily life.'
I look for stories and emotions, that are somehow magnified by events, that are either destructive og constructive in nature: somewhere between the abyss of death, and the highs of falling in love."

The project Lourdes is perhaps an exception to that statement: it is geographically limited and doesn't have any main characters. The project is an personal exploration of what I saw in Lourdes: a historical perspective that went far beyond the geographical limitations of the city and the sanctuairies: With the city of Lourdes, comes a century of heated debate in France, the legitimacy of the Catholic Church in light of the worldly resurfacing abuse-scandals, and the sheer fact that at least in France, the religious institutions go to great lengths to provide the poor and homeless with food and shelter.